You ever just go to a hackathon, plan to do something VR related never having done anything VR related before, can't figure out why you're computer won't detect the obviously plugged in VR rig, stay up through the night troubleshooting the problem for probably 6 hours, realizing that you're HDMI port connects to your integrated graphics card and not you're GTX 960M you thought it would, and decided to calmly, but depressingly, pack up the rig and return it? Yeah? Me neither.

What it does

It prints hello world.

How I built it

I wrote a bunch of macros and wrote a free form poem to express my feelings regarding the past 24 hours.

Challenges I ran into

I was kind of hungry while making this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There are accomplishments I should be proud of?

What I learned

I have no idea how to use Unity

What's next for Tired and Defeated

Nothing. Because it's tired and defeated.


Here's the repo I guess

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