Hello Appcelerator team,

My name is Misha Peric, and I am the owner/developer from Byteout.com that created the Tira app we are submitting.

We have been using Titanium for native mobile development for couple of years now and created many applications with it. Recently we decided to start using more animations in our apps so we tested the Titanium.

And it performed beautifully! As you will see from video demo the animations we accomplished are quite advanced and creating them surprisingly was not that hard.

When we realized we cant do easings in Android animations, we searched the Titanium marketplace and found the free module that does them. And thats quite awesome.

Besides a lot of animations, we had to integrate with Jira API, and as always Titanium was quite powerful in that regard too.

Couple of years ago I used Cocoa Touch for iOS development, but since I switched to Titanium I never looked back. For example, layout manager in Titanium is something that keeps impressing me, and in this project I again was astonished how complex layouts are easy to accomplish with Titanium/Alloy views.

We plan to use this application ourself and to expand it with many more features. But we will of course put it on both stores and see how community likes it.

Thank you, Misha Peric

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