TIR is named after the Armenian god of knowledge. The goal in this project was to create a tool to help visualize GeoMX DSP data by providing easy-to-understand charts. I thought that researchers would appreciate a tool that they can use which simply requires them to upload their data while TIR takes care of the rest.

What it does

TIR allows for visualization of GeoMX DSP data. It processes data from each slide, and then displays graphs to help visualize features such as Normalization Factor, AOI Nuclei Count, disease status, and other metrics. You can easily view multiple visualizations for each slide on a single page to help compare data across slides.

You can simultaneously view all data sets, which makes it easier to compare. Desktop takes full advantage of this capability, but the mobile version of this web app is fully-featured as well.

TIR also features a quick data export function that will output charts to printable PDFs.

How we built it

TIR was built using PHP, jQuery, and the Charts.js library. The demo uses the sample data provided to hackathon contestants.

Challenges we ran into

Becoming familiar with core concepts of GeoMX DSP proved difficult at first, as I have no medical or scientific background. The documentation for the sample data greatly helped me to understand how I could put this to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have a functioning demo using the sample data provided.

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