✅We observed this particular problem when a group of friends were dining in the restaurant. Usually, we carry Cash with us but the other day we had to use google pay to pay the bill.

✅Now in a country like India tipping culture is not as prevalent as in western countries. During Paying the bill we pay in the cashier count if it is in the form of GPay, Paytm or Amazon pay. Now, this money directly goes to the hotel management instead of the hard-working waiter/ waitress.

✅I noticed this problem and spoke to the waiter who was serving us and he said after people started using Online payment his income reduced by more than *40% * .

What it does

✅In order to help the waiter/waitress, I plan to build a QR code scanner that is particularly built for the purpose of tipping the waiter.

✅The QR code would be placed directly on the table which encourages people to tip the hardworking waiter/waitress.

✅When a user scans the QR code it reverts the user to the payment website of TipU. Later one can enter the tip amount and Pay via any online method they choose.

How we built it

✅we started with the opinion of the waiter and discussed how this could help him and many others. Started with designing the website and seeing which particular technology would be the best for the scenario.

✅We used tech stacks like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and Postman and would be planning to host in Google cloud/Firebase. Once the frontend part was done I integrated the Rapyd payment Integration for safe and secure payment.

Challenges we ran into

✅Understanding the business impact and how it could help people was one of the main challenges.

✅As it includes a payment system it was important to follow specific design patterns and integration of Rapyd payment was one of the challenging tasks as we needed to check the APIs, parameters, and Response and how to keep it secure.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

✅When we told the restaurant staff about this particular idea, we could see they were very happy.

✅And I believe as an upcoming software engineer it is important to build products that have a positive impact on people.

✅If we speak about the product that is built, we are proud that it could help many people in the future with proper planning and implementation.

What we learned

✅I learned a lot about understanding the problem statement and building upon things and thinking out of the box.

✅As per technology I was able to have good exposure to both front and backend technology along with how to securely build a product that has the potential to be used by many people.

What's next for TipU

✅If all goes as planned we try to make the product more furnished and implement a new feature and map a proper business plan to expand the potential reach of the product.

Domain Name: (Not hosted but bought)

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