During summer break, I had the chance to vacation in California and walk around the sunny streets of Los Angeles, Monterey etc. and all the metropolitan streets surrounded by many undoubtedly talented street performers. As an addict of new technology, and someone who cares about helping people. I wanted to go to tip these people, however I noticed that I didn't have any cash on me in order to show buskers that their entertaining performances are appreciated on these busy streets of populated cities. Seeing a crowd gathered around street performers, then resulting in about 9-10 people tipping them seemed like a waste. Potential questions popped into my head thinking how could we improve the way these people receive cash? Could there be an easier way to allow them to get this money?

What it does

TipThem allows buskers to create a virtual profile, with a description of what it is they do in their own words. We allow performers to say what they want their description to say because we feel that it is important for people to get to know the performer more personally. Linked with every profile would be a secured method of payment that allows individuals to easily tip these performers without worrying about the amount of cash they have with them, or the general hassle of transaction fees when trying to withdraw cash from a different location from where it is they live.

How I built it

We decided to divide and conquer by dividing the doable work into digestible pieces and choose to start with the most critical part. Setting up a mockup of the website, as well as a user information system and the basic sign in page through google sign in. After signing in, the user was able to customize their profile.

Challenges I ran into

Throughout the course of a day, I was faced upon with many challenges, however there are three particular ones in mind that caused a hassle to the development of my project. The storage/retrieval process involved behind a database. Also trying to make a unique account for each busker, in which the busker can access and customize their own page. Finally, learning Javascript and HTML in such a short time and how they work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to successfully accomplish many things throughout the day trying to learn something. Firstly, I managed to create a database, which allowed for the storing and retrieval of users informations. Creating a simple user interface, where the buskers name and biography is displayed and can be personally edited by the busker himself. This allows them to sign into their account and edit their information at their free will, following certain guidelines such as no hostile language. My partner is proud of having been able to create a mockup which successfully showed how we wanted our website to look like.

What I learned

In the past day of hacking, I have learnt basic fundamentals of HTML, CSS, as well as intermediate Javascript concepts and syntax. I have seen the relationship between the three and how all three have a different job, but yet the same.

What's next for TipThem

We are going to continue learning javascript to develop the other pieces such as creating a unique page for each user, according to our mockup, instead of having the information all displayed on the homepage. Another important factor that we know questions everyone is security, so we are going to try to implement peer-to-peer payment such as PayPal or Venmo. Lastly, we will try to improve the design using CSS.

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