The CDC found in its 2012 Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey that there are roughly 121 million episodes of drunken driving in the U.S, every year. This means many of us drink and drive. With motor vehicle accidents being the largest killer of young adults, it is paramount we all practice safe driving.

Tipsy Test is a health life hack that provides friendly advice to Alexa users and can be used regularly to prevent injury and death. The Alexa skill calculates your Blood Alcoholic Concentration level (BAC) based on a number of important variables, including number of drinks, weight and time drinking. The skill uses a friendly, non judgemental tone throughout and uses language that is engaging and directive for users who have been drinking.

How I built it

This skill was built using the ASK and was built on node.js.

While there is one existing Alexa Skill that takes into account BAC, its usability is poor, and it does not apply key variables of the Widmark formula for BAC, such as how many hours have passed since the user began drinking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

After working at Life Bot/Opearlo (YCombinator 2017 Alexa start up) I was struck with the disproportionate number of young women within the Alexa community. This applies to both developers and non-developers (I am not a developer by trade). I am proud to be making my mark on the Alexa Skills Store and I hope to use this skill to encourage other young ethnic women to get equally involved in this exciting and friendly community, particularly those who may not already be developers.

What's next for Tipsy Test

Tipsy Test is just an MVP. I plan to expand the conversation between my users and Alexa to facilitate a greater understanding around drink driving and alcohol consumption. Furthermore, future versions of the skill will continue to talk to users in a friendly, non judgemental manner, using language that resonates. I would like to contribute to decreasing the number of young adults drinking and driving and believe this skill will not only be useful now, but could become even more useful as Alexa is integrated into motor vehicles.

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