Tippy Ninja

Tippy Ninja lets you effortlessly send money to anyone on Twitter with a single Tweet. In order to transfer money, a sender needs two things: 1. Authentication of the Recipient, and 2. A vehicle of transfer.

Tippy Ninja makes this possible for everyone by leveraging the Twitter API along with the Mastercard Simplify Commerce payment solution. With Microsoft Azure, Tippy Ninja tracks and maintains account balances for all users, allowing a simple cash out option.

MVP, Proof of Concept

To demonstrate Tippy Ninja's ease of use and scalability, we created a Donate Widget wizard that shows your effective hourly wage. This gives two breakthroughs:

  1. It can be implemented faster than any other solution
  2. It collects 10 times as many contributions on average

This is because of the inclusion of transparency in the donation process. By simply telling visitors and users how hard you worked and how much you’ve made so far, you empower donors to feel confident rewarding your efforts.

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