Every day we come across situations when we we can't remember that word. We try to reach for it, churning our memory over and over. It becomes exasperating after a while. Whether you are working on the next epic fantasy series or trudging through the report due tomorrow or trying to tell a funny story, you come to a halt and struggle to find the right words even though you feel it's there, just out of reach. In comes, Tip of my tongue: The hack to crack through the block and finally clinch the word you've been reaching for. Obviously, there is a lot of personal experience that served as the inspiration for this skill and we hope that this skills cures a chronic problem for many people.

What it does

The skills is built to cure 'Tip of my tongue' which is where it derives its name from. Users can ask for something like "find a word that means rear of boat" and Alexa skills will respond with "I have found a list of words for you. The top results are stern, skeg, aft, astern, backwash and scull". Users can look for synonyms of a word, synonyms that start with a specific letter.

Tip of my tongue provides following features:

  1. reverse dictionary
  2. Find descriptive words for a noun
  3. synonyms of words
  4. synonyms related to specific topic
  5. synonyms on the basis of starting letter
  6. searching and suggesting words that are most likely to be used together (closely linked words e.g if you ask for word that is most often used with wreak, Alexa will suggest words like havoc.)

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