The Birth of my Tongue aka Inspiration

Everyone comes across a situation while messaging or sending an email where you just cannot seem to find the right set of words. For me, at least, I sometimes can't think of a specific word for a couple of days and I always wished there was something to help me out. A thesaurus can only help me to an extent and sometimes it is never specific. Well, Tip of my Tongue is here to solve my problem and yours too!

What the Tip of My Tongue knows aka What it does

This Facebook messenger bot helps you find the right word without having to look anywhere else. Just type in the things that you remember such as the starting letter, ending letter, meaning, associated words, rhyming words, homophones etc.. If you think a bit more, with its capabilities, you can find words for a quick game of scrabble, crossword puzzles, rhyming words for poets etc.. !

Built Using

Javascript, Node.js, Heroku, a bunch of APIs and my frustrated and burnt brain -.-

Tongue Twisters I ran into aka Challenges I ran into

As this was my first bot and first time playing around with APIs and not SDKs, I had a hard time trying to figure out how to parse a JSON. Once I figured it out(after 36 hours of going through stackoverflow and various documentation!), the rest seemed to fall in place! I had fun trying to come up with various user responses and learning to train my bot. It was an annoying yet fruitful learning experience and I am proud of the end result.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually finishing this!

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