The main inspiration for this project was that we had run out of music to listen to. All music that we liked turned bland after 30 listens, and so we thought "Why can't we have randomly generated decent music? Two of us understand music fairly well and we all are good programmers."

What it does

TinyMusician is designed to create limitless, reproducible music with an appealing graphic to accompany it.

How we built it

We subdivided our group into two parts, two of us working on the music generation, and the other one doing the graphics. The creation of the music is themed around making patterns that can be repeated with slight variations.

Challenges we ran into

Early in the design process we only had a random generator, and the music sounded, well, random. It was only after we added many levels of generated patterns that the music started to sound better than a five year old loose on a piano.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The music sounds enjoyable, and the whole project comes together well.

What we learned

One member of our group has been essentially taught java by way of this project, the other two have learned things about musical composition and elements, java, logic, 2 graphics, and much more.

What's next for TinyMusician

The more we add to and test the music generation program the better the music sounds. This would be a fun project to come back to and add more elements every so often, until the music sounds real.

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