TinyHttp is a small, lightweight http server API for Java. It allows you to dynamiclly respond to requests in java code.


  • Respond dynamiclly to responses using java code
  • Serve files from the file system
  • Stream large data using StreamResponse API
  • Easy to use API

How to respond dynamiclly

TinyHttp allows you to dynamiclly respond to requests made by a client using java code. This can be acomplished by creating a TinyListener class.

An example listener class looks something like this:

public class DefaultTinyListener implements TinyListener {

    @GetHandler(request = "/wat.*")
    public void defaultGet(Request request, Response response) {

    @GetHandler(request = "/index.html|/")
    public void index(Request request, Response response) {
                "<html>\n" +
                "    <body>\n" +
                "        <h1>Hello " + info.getClient().getSocket().getInetAddress().toString().substring(1) + "!</h1>\n" +
                "    </body>\n" +

    @GetHandler(request = "/api/[a-z]+")
    @PostHandler(request = "/api/[a-z]+")
    public void api(Request request, Response response) {
        response.echo("You requested " + info.getFileRequest());

Each method with a handler annotation is invoked when a client connects with a request matching one of the methods annotations. The annotations support regex, so you can tie multiple kinds of requests to a single method.

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