Affordable Housing, Gentrification, Workforce Development, Education and opportunities for Hacker, Maker, Creative Entrepreneurs and revolutionaries do not have a pathway to innovate.

What it does

This campaign raises funds to connect all the key organizations investors, mentors and diverse groups of people into a cohesive efforts to innovate and impact many of these challenges.

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

Integrating Payment transaction system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My entrepreneurial journey founding the first Hacker/Maker community in Southern California 10 years ago and now Austin for the past 5 years, connecting with over 300 organizations, hosting 300+ grassroots community innovation events to advancing these challenges, posting 80+ articles about my work in activism.

What I learned

Many of these issues cannot be solved overnight in one hack and takes an elite team of risk takers, passionate and motivated about pursuing these issues. My goal is to connect likeminds to explore modern approaches to solving these issues.

What's next for TinyHackerHouse Campaign

Polishing website (Redesign) Connecting with sponsors, donors, hosting events, raising funds, building space.

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