Affordable Housing, Homelessness and Gentrification are 3 of the biggest challenges every city faces. Hacker, Maker, Entrepreneurs and Innovators do not have a physical space to solve these problems.

What it does

Leveraging Advanced Manufacturing and automation technology, we are building completely customizable structures. Currently 2 people can build in 3 hours

How I built it

Designed the model in Fusion360 and manufactured on CNC machine.

Challenges I ran into

There is very limited information on how to do this as it's a completely new and innovative approach. Learning the software and manufacturing process is all new.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We build the structure as part of an all girl STEM camp for 8,000 teenage girls

What I learned

Physical assembly technique is tricky and has to follow a process.

What's next for TinyHackerHouse

Partner with organizations, raising funds, Building physical space and integrating 1,000 unique sustainability projects to showcase to the world.

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