tinyBank educate kids of all ages to manage money better, set goals and prepares kids for the adult financial reality. By adducting today’s youth, we are creating better customers for Leumi in the future.

tinyBank is a virtual banking product that resides in a "normal" cashing account, allowing the parents to host the kids' virtual accounts and help them manage their money wiser.

tinyBank is adaptive and uses different engagement methods to playfully push the kids to manage their money like grown ups. The system interact differently with 3 age groups:

  • 6-10: Make the right choices when spending your money, compare before you buy, keeping personal information safe and the basic of savings.

  • 11-13: Save money, the basic of interest and the basic concepts behind credit, loans and credit cards.

  • 14-18: Planing for higher education, taxes and how to invest your money.

All 3 groups are engaged in gamification and reward processes to make the task in hand more fun and educating for both the kid and the parent.

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