We were inspired by the possibilities of Oculus Rift and Myo, as well as the addictiveness of Tiny Wings.

What it does

Players flap their arms to propel themselves off the grassy hills of virtual reality. If they crash, game over.

How I built it

Using Unity, we custom-created a 3D playing environment with grassy hills and blue skies. Oculus Rift allows players to enter this immersive first-person world. When players flap their arms, the Myo allows them to interact with the game as if they were a real bird.

Challenges I ran into

  • Integrating two unknown pieces of hardware as first-timers to both!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • For two members of the team, this was the first time they downloaded and used Unity
  • For all members of the team, this was the first time we've developed on Oculus and Myo

What I learned

See "accomplishments." Suffice to say, we learned a LOT.

What's next for Tiny Wings First Person Edition

Points system, more levels, better UI, more complex environment, more diversity of movement input

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