Tiny House comprehensive monitoring system geared towards sustainability awareness, litter prevention, transportation monitoring, demonstrated through a VR and physical environment with a conglomerate hack of the HTC Vive and a tree. Because we had a tree and everyone wanted us to use it. So we reused it.

This project is based on a collaboration with one of the tiny home owners here on site. By working with an existing owner, we are able to identify and solve issues that both tiny home owners and the event sponsors wish to have resolved, all in one package ready for the next stage of development.

Disclaimer: The demonstration through a combination of VR and physical hardware is the extent capable of being achieved with the limited components available on site.

Built With

  • arduino
  • c
  • c#
  • caffeine
  • chopsticks
  • clamps
  • creativity
  • duct-tape
  • infinite-extension-cord
  • lots-of-hacking-especially-trees
  • paper-square-donated-by-iniuit
  • plywood
  • recycle-repurpose-reuse
  • sensors
  • starbucks-doubleshot-energy
  • strippers-(of-bark)
  • tears
  • tree
  • vive
  • whataburger-low-fat-milk
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posted an update

I mkade all the art the bigger (size wise) assets for our game. I did the modeling, but did not concept. Other than that, I've helped with kinda in tasks of each members work, and so was everyone else. Everyone was helping someone else some point. Particularly though, Sal and Nathan were the most helpful on a lot of levels.

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