Tiny Text Mining Tools

This is the very beginnings of Perl library used to support simple and introductory text mining analysis -- tiny text mining tools.

Presently the library is implemented in a set of subroutines stored in a single file supporting:

  • simple in-memory indexing and single-term searching

  • relevancy ranking through term-frequency inverse document frequency (TFIDF) for searching and classification

  • cosine similarity for clustering and "finding more items like this one"

I use these subroutines and the associated Perl scripts to do quick & dirty analysis against corpuses of journal articles, books, and websites.

I know, I know. It would be better to implement these thing as a set of Perl modules, but I'm practicing what I preach. "Give it away even if it is not ready." The ultimate idea is to package these things into a single distribution, and enable researchers to have them at their finger tips as opposed to a Web-based application.

-- Eric Lease Morgan emorgan@nd.edu April 2, 2014

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