We had a discussion at about 4pm today, 4 hours into the competition about an idea, we were stumped on how our ideas could relate to the 4 fields and how we could make a difference. We wanted to do something simple so we could build from there, we also wanted as many people using this system in an easy way. We decided on recycling. It fits our criteria of,

recycling is a day to day thing a person could do. benefits potential sponsors with word of mouth and their efforts in going green not so difficult a reguler person would not do it, but rewarding enough to keep them going

What it does

Well, granted our version control problems get fixed, the app will allow users to access Google Maps to pinpoint recycling bins on campus where they can recycle aluminum cans or plastic bottles. and follow a path based on their nearest resource center.

But why would a regular person do that, because in partnership with sponsors, the student could rack up points for recycling. The points would be kept in a parse server where the student can redeem points based on how often they recycle.

If the student were to be near sponsored company, a Notification would be sent alerting them and they can use their points redeeming gifts

How We built it

We each focused on a task, myself configuring google maps, Jack using parse to create and login to their account and Jorge with material design

Challenges I ran into

Well, were still not done with the project, i can only ask that maybe delay our github for about 30 minutes to resolve the issue. The version control is what we spent the bulk of time on

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Tiny

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