We have all faced it and yes, the struggle is real. So much that I'm doing the project alone :`) We badly need a teammate finder application for hackathons. And it doesn't just do that. It is an all in one app to build your skills as well as help you along the way in the hackathon.

What it does

This is a Web app that encompasses multiple features:

  • Firebase Authentication

This app uses firebase authentication for sign in and sign up pages.

  • User rating

This app uses OAuth with Devpost to login and rates the user based on the number of hackathons they attended, number of projects submitted and the hackathons the user has won. It gives the user a star rating out of 5.

  • Intelligent assessment of skills with OAuth

After the user logins with Devpost Account, it assess the strengths of the user. It spans over 6 domains, namely, frontend, design, backend, AI and ML, Mobile Dev, and Cloud and Devops. It checks the quality of the projects as well with the number of upvotes as well.

  • Teammate searches:

This feature helps the user filter other teammates based on your requirement for the team. It does a domain level and hackathon level search. It sorts the results based on decreasing order of rating. You can also try refined search where you can specify definitive skills and technologies like Node.js or React.js and then filter out the resources.

  • Chat rooms

The app enables you to chat with the matched teammates or discuss with potential matches. This can be implemented with

  • Skill Assessment tests

The app helps you develop your skills in various domains with the help of short quizzes. It so updates your profile with your latest skills.

  • Ask a mentor

The app helps the hacker contact a mentor when you are stuck with the development. It sends an email to the mentor that is matched and the mentor can contact the user.

  • Mid-hack Cravings

Hungry between hacking? The app helps you locate nearest eateries that have takeaways and order food from there. This was built with and Google places api.

  • Mentorship program

This app aims to have a special mentorship program for women and non binary folk. This is to reduce the gender gap in the STEM field.

  • First time hackers

The app also provides resources and links that help first time hackers enjoy the most out of the event.

  • Hackathon Calendar

The app also has a feature to check out the hackathons happening in the weekend with Google calendar API.

How I built it

I built the prototype with the help of figma. I also made the components in React as well as React native to have a cross platform performance. The backend was hosted on firebasee and Google maps and places api along with was used to built the map to locate local eateries. Google forms was used for the mentorship program for women and non binary people in tech. I also used scikit-learn and Tensorflow to analyse the data in each user's hacker stats and assign ratings and determine strengths.

Challenges I ran into

  • This was my first time trying React-native and it took a while for me to experiment with it.
  • It is also the first time I'm using Google API and check out the different features it provides.
  • The prototype was extremely intricate and detailed and it was difficult to replicate the same.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The prototype is fully functional with a ton of features that makes it a good project that can be scaled into a full scale startup.

What I learned

I learned how to use React-Native and expo. I also learned to use and Google places API. I learned to prototype accurately in Figma.

What's next for Tinthon

Tinthon has to be made into a full scale mobile and Web app and add more features like

  • Add more social features and have points for schools most active on the app
  • Reporting harassment online
  • A mental wellness widget to cope up with the 24 hour sleepless drive
  • Quality assessment of the hack submitted for the hackathon to help and improvise the MVP created.
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