The informed citizen is the lifeblood of a functioning democracy. Our application strives to improve the quality and availability of information regarding legislature and policy by the US Federal Government. Polysite utilizes several data mining libraries to gain the latest information, summarize it, and ensure it to be an unbiased, truthful source for the average user. In addition, citizens can discuss about these policies in public forums specific to each added piece of legislature. If necessary, the users can also organize protests and demonstrations against bad legislature.


Using the power of Google's Firebase, an authorization system was implemented in Polysite. This encryption vastly improves the user experience by guaranteeing privacy. Users sign in using their Google accounts to access the application's features, and do not have to create separate accounts for the app.


Polysite uses a JSON API to convert online URLs to HTML files. This allows the app to extract crucial information from a compilation of reliable sources and community based news regarding the policies. We then use the Classifier 4J API to summarize content and enhance the user experience by rendering seemingly esoteric policy into approachable text. Using this API, we have successfully converted pages worth on information into 4-5 sentences. Many other apps that may have similar function are too difficult to use with complicated language and sources that aren't very credible.


By integrating Firebase's chatroom functionality, we created public forums for the users that are specific to each individual policy. This provides the user with the ability to express thoughts, opinions or even pose questions that may need answers. Multiple people can access these chatrooms and begin detailed descriptions with others around the nation.


For those who may disagree with policies or decisions in legislature, we also have an amazing feature that allows any user to create a protest event with a date, time, and address and post it for all users to see and join. Numerous events could occur simultaneously, and the user can browse though a list of protests, and, if they choose to, participate in them.

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