One common problem found during my travels with friends was missing a tool to coordinate our plans, resulting missing some plans due to flooded group chat. We also want to try new things oversea and create memorable experiences together, but lack Trying to innovate by leveraging on strength of messenger,

What it does

It is a group travel planner, used in group chats to plan what they want to do oversea. The bot also provide recommendations for different places such as Hotels and Resturant.

How I built it

I google 30~40+ tabs

Challenges I ran into

Database integration, I initially used mongoDB, but encountered problems querying the results in a useable format. This caused me to change database into firebase.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I started with little experience with Telegram chatbot and Luis, and learnt how to integrate them into the project. These platform have great potentials for unforseenable growth in the market due the nature. Chatbots increased in popularity due to reasons such as being light weight and purpose. Natural language processing like Luis will push the world towards self-service, with potential to result in the next industrial revolution.

What I learned

I learnt how to use Telegram chatbot and Luis, trying some API in this project, including here's API and sabre API

What's next for tinkerbot

There are some potential to commercialise the bot, adding in sales packages which could fully customise in travel packages, to include in the planner. Other features that could be included are, path planner to minimise travel time with hotel recommendation, making use of traffic API to find routes via trains, walking and vehicles.

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