We are lazy people who want to crowdsource opinions on good travel destinations. Please help us plan where our next vacation ought to be.

What it does

Allows logged-in users to choose between two pictures of two different cities. We use the Elo rating system to keep track of popularity, and the top 10 most popular (highest rating) cities are displayed beside the main app area.

How I built it

Node.js backend with Bootstrap and jQuery frontend. Powered by CockroachDB (strong consistency FTW!) and deployed on Linode.

Github repo:

Challenges I ran into

Using Linode, writing atomic transactions in CockroachDB, loading many images at once.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning and using SQL successfully, making our website A E S T H E T I C.

What I learned

Andrew: SQL, atomic transactions. Avinash: SQL, cloud hosting.

What's next for Tindergram Vacation Planner

Using actual Instagram photos instead of placeholders, including more cities and places, implementing other factors in recommending vacation destinations, cost estimation of such a vacation.

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