Inspiration: Language Style Matching Predicts Relationship Initiation and Stability

Target User: Anyone with passion in their heart and fire in their loins.

Key Features: Android asks user an open-ended question and records answer. Both the MP3 and converted text are then parsed by Natural Language Toolkit for Parts-of-Speech tagging used for various metrics for matching from a Node server. Matches are calculated, then stored on Firebase. Then the audio of the matches and words used by both users are displayed.

Story: Our founder, Matt Grossman, was a lone wolf venturing across the European backcountry. Staring up at the sky, the stars reminded him of the dim lights of the Manhattan night club he used to dance in. Hungry from his travels, he happened upon the fungus which led to blinding blindness.

As the malady crept across his ocular nerve, he managed to stumble his way onto a train. It was here that his life would change forever. It was her, Mrs. Grossman-to-be. He couldn't see her immaculate red hair or slight but reassuring grin, but...he could hear her voice. And for him, that made all the difference. "Hi" she said meekly. She was smitten by his random grasping for surfaces around him. Suddenly, he landed on her shoulder. He gripped slightly, then let go. She could tell he wasn't used to his condition. At that point she asked, "Who are you?" Then he talked for 34.4 seconds with great scores in words/minute and an excellent range of vocabulary. They were a match made in heaven.

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