200,000+ volunteers, 100+ openings, 100+ countries: for a prospective volunteer, Peace Corps’ reach can be both exciting... and overwhelming. Tinder for Peace Corps simplifies the user's position seeking process into a series of intuitive swipes. We provide images that represent the key aspects of a position, and the user’s only job is to swipe right for topics he is interested in and left for the ones he isn’t. Through an analysis of the user’s response, our app matches him to projects that correlate to his interests.

A special feature...

Match with other potential volunteers! Volunteering is all about helping others, growing as a person and forming new meaningful relationships, so why not start now? Tinder for Peace Corps features matches connecting every two people whose interests led to the same program. The people who get matched then have the opportunity to chat about the program, make friends with potential co-workers and even inspire each other to apply.

Another special feature...

Guess what? You just got matched with Tinder for Peace Corps! Feel free to post any questions or comments on our page, and we will get in touch shortly.

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