We all know tinder... Swipe right on the people you find a attractive, and left on the the ones that you don't. But how do you know that your matches are suitable and worthiness of you? Well, with Tinder: Battle Royale, you have to prove yourself in a 1 on 1 game that test your strength. Defeat your opponent to get the opportunity to talk to the prize individual, or lose and get nothing.

Tinder: Battle Royale is a web app that utilizes the entire MEAN stack. When you open the web app, you choose whether or not you want to be a prize or a competitor. You then enter what you are or what you are looking for as well as a picture. If you are a competitor, you get to see all of the prizes that are currently online and you bid on your most desired prize. Once two people have bid on the same prize, the game begins. Click frantically to win. The winner of the game is put into a chat room with the prize and now the real fun begins.

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