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An application that connects immigrants who want to practice English with their peers. TinCan connects people at the same level of language fluency anonymously to talk over the phone and practice speaking to other people.


Landing page

Keynote Presentation:

Google Slides deck

Click here to download from Google Drive.


SDK for google app engine.

Install virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper

To make the env directory run this command at the project’s root:
$ virtualenv env 

To start the virtual environment:
$ source env/bin/activate

Once you are in the virutalenv:

To run the app locally:
$ dev_app server.py app.yaml

To deploy:
$ gcloud app deploy

To get out of virutalenv: 
$ deactivate


Twilio add messaging and voice for our app.

Google Cloud Platform to host our app.


Teresa Ibarra - Frontend

Samuel Yanez - Frontend

Miguel Molina - Backend

Bianca Colon - Backend

Michael A - Backend


Jenna Quindica

Jacqueline Garcia

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