It all begun with the need to collaborate on app competitions what involved application development for different fields. You find that a developer has coding skills but a medical doctor has medical / clinical knowledge. Finding this combination of a team is very challenging. With Timup messenger, chatbot, forming such a team would be simplified. This grew to cover all other fields that require collaboration or teamwork.

What it does

The chatbot sends notifications to subscribed users when a collaborator/team request about a topic of their interest is shared on the chatbot platform. then the members can choose to join the teams if they are interested by contacting the person requesting via their phone contact number.

How I built it

I collected some of the major topics that need collaboration and build a database of these and their respective subtopics. Using the botman studio laravel chatbot framework, and my prior knowledge of chatbots with facebook messanger, Timup was built

Challenges I ran into

Framework challenges with the botman studio chatbot framework like bugs caused limitations in achieving some functionalities . this had to be overcome by tweaking the framework. The timelines were also tight as i am a student and i had to do recess too.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That the chatbot is up and running.

What I learned

I've learnt how to adjust a framework to get desirable results. I've also learnt that the community needs Timup when i interacted with some of my colleagues.

What's next for Timup

Timup should be able to scale worldwide and cover all other topics so that many ideas can be brought to life through collaboration.

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