When wanting to hang out with friends we realized how difficult it could be to decide on a location to meet. With this in mind, plus the fact that 80% of our hangouts take place at Tim Horton's, the idea for Tim's in the Middle came naturally to us. This is a product that we intend to use personally in making real life, critical decisions and hope to share with others to also benefit from.

What it does

Using geolocation to find a midpoint which is then used to locate the nearest Tim Horton's for all users involved. It's ideal for arranging group meetings, setting up Kijiji meet-ups, and all the other miscellaneous activities which take place at Tim Horton's.

How I built it

Blood, sweat, and tears.

Challenges I ran into

The Google Maps API that we used did not have the capability to find Tim Horton's locations beyond a certain distance. We then tried to do the same thing with the Yelp API but it was also limited in its search radius. Our goal was to be able to find a midpoint for Tim Horton's between the east and west coast, from the southern most tip of Canada to the north pole.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Completing 90% of the milestones we set out to do.
  • Building a strong foundation for a product that we hope to build on going into the future.

What I learned

  • How to use Google Maps API as well as it's limitations
  • Manipulating maps and querying data
  • Handling geocodes and working with geographical algorithms
  • Structuring object oriented programs

What's next for Tim's in the Middle

  • Expanding geolocation capabilities to find midpoint using multiple locations
  • Mobile application
  • Expanding to restaurants/cafes other than just Tim Horton's
  • Expanding internationally to new regions
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