Discover all the places you promised to go.

Timetravel scrapes all your past Tweets & Facebook statuses for destinations you've mentioned, and finds you the best flight/hotel deals via Expedia.


I always tweet about vacation spots that seem cool, but fast-forward a year later, and I've completely forgotten about all the places I promised myself I would travel to. Timetravel solves this issue by automatically recalling all the past cities/countries you've posted about it, and then finds you the cheapest hotels & flights so that you can book your trip with ease.


Monetizing this app is really easy, thanks to the abundance of travel websites/services which offer commission on sales & other affiliate promotions. A partnership with Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, or Priceline is bound to happen sooner or later. Additionally, customers are more-likely to book through this app because the suggested destinations are ones that they've talked about before!


  • Really really easy to use.
  • Scans all your past tweets (Twitter API integration).
  • Scans all your past Facebook Statuses (coming soon).
  • Scans for hundreds of major cities across the world (Many more coming soon).
  • Hotel search via Expedia API.
  • Higher conversion rate for bookings because the customers have already validated the suggested destinations.

Roadmap (by next month)

  • Completely revamped interface.
  • Native iOS app released on App Store.
  • Android app released on Google Play.
  • Facebook API fully implemented.
  • Flight bookings (currently not enabled).
  • Smarter booking recommendations.
  • Display # of mentions for each destination.
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