Time management is always I've had trouble with, so I decided to make a better tool to see what's taking up your time.

What it does

When a user logs into the app, they can add things to their to-do list. These items are categorized by their type (social, school, work, or chores). The user can add time to each item or remove the item from the list. A sidebar shows the user their total time and a pie chart of what they spent the most time on.

How I built it

I built the app by creating an 'add' form and main page. When the user submits data on the form, it is made into a div and appended to the main page. Then, the app calculates user metrics and forms a pie chart that shows the percentages of time dedicated to each item.

Challenges I ran into

The database that I was going to use went down in the middle of the project, so I had to host all of my values locally. I also ran into challenges with creating asynchronous timers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm very proud of the styling, pie chart, add time button, and the delete button.

What I learned

I didn't know about the jQuery feature.

What's next for timeTracker

I'm planning to make the countdown buttons functional and storing the data inside of a database instead of locally.

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