Inspiration: Getting to class in the morning is typically the hardest part of our day. Struggling to get out of bed and sometimes tardy to class. I know if I just slept earlier this wouldn't be so bad but it's been really hard to discipline myself to sleep ontime. Many of my classmates have had the same problem in high school, and they still do now! Its a problem especially because if you're struggling in a class, skipping the first crucial moments of lecture often means the rest of it is just jargon. Thats why I wanted to make a simple app that could help get us back on track by making us accountable to our friends and family!

What it does: This app allows someone to set an alarm with a password that will discourage you from using your phone. It will let the people you're having a conversation with know that its your bedtime. If you continue to stay on your phone, it will message and annoy loved ones to remind you to put your phone away. (Actually also works to keep drivers away from their phones!!!)

How I built it: We built this app on the Android platform. We split the work such that half of us explored the APIs while the other two fcused on building the project.

Challenges I ran into: Needed some help with using the API to send messages.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: That despite missing half the hackathon everyone was still motivated to try and make something!

What I learned: Defintely find out how to use the APIs ahead of time if possible.

What's next for TimeToSleep: Make sure its harder to cheat the system, and maybe some gentle screaming involved to motivate stubborn students to put the phone down.

APIs used: Twilio

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