TIME TO CODE is a free, comprehensive series of tutorials for anyone who wants to learn to code on the iPhone & iPad.

The app includes a sleek, intuitive HTML editor that provides an enjoyable way to learn and practice programming on the go.

  • Learn to code anywhere, anytime!

  • Concise, informative tutorials

  • Powerful, integrated code editor

  • Take TIME TO CODE's powerful editor wherever you go!

TimeToCode starts out teaching HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These commonly used languages serve as the basis of the internet and serve as a good first step in entering the world of computer programming. The app offers a growing library of tutorials which are distributed directly to the students. The tutorials establish a strong foundation that could be applied to new projects by the student. The TimeToCode curriculum encourages exploration by posing challenges for students to complete based on the skills they have developed.

TimeToCode takes a different approach to teaching students to code. Instead of traditional online sources or text books, TimeToCode provides an integrated mobile learning experience.

Integrated: TimeToCode is unique in that students both receive their lessons and practice their coding in the same application. With no setup required and no additional hardware needed, students CAN practice their lessons and implement their own experiments using a code editor within the app, further lowering the barriers to learning how to program.

Mobile: The application is an iOS app for use on iPhones and iPads; accessible anywhere, it allows students to learn whenever and wherever they have free time. The widespread use of iPhones among the teenage millennial generation lowers the bar for students to get started. Now, instead of needing expensive computers and software, anyone can use their mobile phone to learn to code.

TimeToCode is available on the AppStore: http://bit.ly/timetocode

The source code is also available on request.

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