The inspiration for our application stemmed from the desire to solve an issue we, our friends, and our families have experienced. We noticed that hospitals work individually to combat the issue of long patient wait times, and the Canadian government has spent over 100 million dollars to fix it in the past year alone. Introducing, a service that works with all hospitals—a collaborative approach to better the lives of all Canadian citizens.

What it does

TimeToCare is a web-based application designed to mitigate the long wait times experienced in hospital ER settings. Our service tackles the root of the problem by directing patient streams to hospitals better-suited to accommodate them. This results in a smoothed out demand at each health care centre, less frequent patient-demand spikes, and thus faster time to be treated.

How we built it

We built the components of our app with a few different languages and tools. They include HTML/CSS to build the framework of our website, Javascript for the general functionality of the website, and data from the Google Maps API.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges in our project mostly arose from the learning curve of what was required to build our application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to have developed a website, we believe, could have an impact in the health field. We came to HackWestern with the hope of solving this problem and despite our relative inexperience with any of the APIs or new languages, we feel like we have accomplished something amazing.

What we learned

Including the programs and tools we used to build TimeToCare, we also learned teamwork, the importance of clear communication and good design principles.

What's next for TimeToCare

Our next step for TimeToCare would be to create a scalable build. Now that we have supported our theory of directing patients to hospitals based on wait times and distance, we would like to see it run using real-time data, in numerous locations. We could see the required data being pulled from a government website or provided by the hospitals directly to the app.

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