As college freshmen, we were overwhelmed by the number of events and opportunities coming our way. We found it difficult to manually keep track of every opportunity that we see, so we wanted to automate the process so we never miss anything.

What it does

The Chrome extension scrapes every opened URL, looking for event names and dates/times. It detects this and opens the extension as a popup on the side, giving the option to add to the calendar.

How we built it

We built the extension itself using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The web scraping component is done with Python. The extension reads the URL for each tab and sends this to the web scraper through Google Cloud App Engine. The web scraper searches through the page, identifying keywords and returning a file of dates back to the extension. The extension then offers the user the option to add this event to their calendar automatically.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time building a Chrome extension and using a Cloud platform, so we struggled with several things, ranging from understanding technical jargon to figuring out how different pieces to connect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of trying to push through the struggles mentioned above, as using Cloud to build products is at the forefront of modern technology. We are also proud of our attempt to tackle a problem that directly affects us.

What we learned

Working on this project was a good reality check for all members of our team, as it was our first hackathon. Academic coding projects are very structured and have a layout that simply needs to be followed by using the content taught in class. On the contrary, starting from scratch to build a Chrome extension through Google Cloud without having any prior instruction gave us insight into the reality of software development. The development process is not easy. We learned how to seek out resources to solve problems, have resilience, and learn skills as we worked. We believe this was a great opportunity to understand what it is really like to build software products.

What's next for Timetable

We would like to enable text and email reminders as options, rather than only adding to Google Calendar.

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