It often happens to students (us included) that we want to meet up but it is quite hard to find a time that fits everyone.

What it does

So we decided to build a mobile app that does it for us. Alle a user has to do is to input timeslots when they are busy and the app will find the best option using the remaining time.

How we built it

We made a client - server architecture with the use of google cloud, we focused on mobile devices and implemented solutions supported by the power of machine learning to guarantee the best results

Challenges we ran into

Apparently, even 24 hours is sometimes not enough :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That was our first big mobile app, we didnt really have that much experience in that very area before

What we learned

We feel that we learned a lot about making mobile apps

What's next for TimeShare

We still feel that are is a lot of room for improvements, we already have some features in mind that we want to implement in the future. What is more, we would like to share our app on google play to help other students organize their timetables.

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