Why do we want to do this?

  1. We are in a startup team, and everyday we will have a 15-minute walk to a food truck, then stand in a very long queue to wait our turns to order our lunch-- consumer waste their time for waiting food in the queue
  2. The truck owner needs to communicate with every consumer for what they want to each. If s/he can save this ask-and-anwser time, s/he can sell more during the limited lunch time [10:30am - 2:00pm]
  3. Comparision with Yelp and other apps:
    a. There are many other apps who focus on food, but all of them deal with restaurants.
    b. Food truck is a truck, which has no fixed location as we expect.

What have we done?

  1. We build multiple and useful Server Side APIs to the public
  2. Web Apps and mobile apps(android&iOS)

Demo Link for web apps:

Provider: http://bit.ly/ychackclient-4-provider
Consumer: http://bit.ly/ychackclient-4-consumer

###For more information, you can check this document: https://github.com/YCHackthonSmarking/YC-Hackthon

Our Repositories in GitHub: https://github.com/YCHackthonSmarking

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