Times Tables Guru

Become a Times Tables Guru yourself with this comprehensive educational skill.  Master the tables over time, record your results and become a real tables expert. This skill has been created specifically to help children develop their table skills, but it can be used by people of all ages including mum and dad.

Times Tables Guru helps you steadily build your Times Tables Skills. Learn the tables just by saying the table you want to learn such as “Ten Times Table”. Then once you think you know a table try answering Alexa’s table questions in order, just as you learnt them and then try the same table in random order. If you are new to tables you may like to attempt them in the following order: 1 times table, 10 times table, 2 times table, 5 times table, 11 times table, 4 times table, 3 times table, 6 times table, 9 times table, 8 times table, 7 times table and finally the 12 times table. But that is up to you and you can learn them in any order you wish.

If you want Alexa to track your progress then use one of the 4 available nicknames; mum and dad can track their progress too! You can check on your progress at any time by asking Alexa to tell you your progress for the different skills such as: learn, in order, random, or count up or down.

Once you feel you have mastered all the tables you can ask Alexa to ask you questions on 2 tables, 3 tables or 5 tables at once. Once you feel really confident you can take the Mega Test which will ask you all 144 questions across all 12 tables. Getting that right can give you the feeling that you may well be on the way to becoming a Times Tables guru.

Once you approach Guru standard maintain your table knowledge by using the “Challenge” mode which will test you with 60 questions on 5 random tables. You can also try out the “Count up” or “Count down” options where you just count up or down in steps of 1 to 12 as selected by you.

Times Table Guru is there to help you and as such it is forgiving, you can skip some answers if you are not sure and Alexa will say what the answer was, then at the end Alexa will allow you to try the questions you skipped and if you get them right Alexa will count that as a table completed correctly (as long as you didn’t get any wrong!). If you are not sure what was asked, just say “repeat” and Alexa will repeat the question without penalty.

Even Alexa isn’t quite perfect and she occasionally confuses 90 with nineteen and 80 with eighteen. And it can be frustrating if you are doing the mega test or a multi-table test and Alexa confuses those terms and decides you were wrong when you weren’t! So, in Times Tables Guru, Alexa has been programmed to avoid such confusion for some critical numbers which reduces the likelihood of frustration.


  • Open the skill by saying "Alexa, open times tables guru".

  • Create a new user profile by saying "new player" and choosing a nickname from the list. This will create and select that profile allowing you to track your progress.

  • To select an already created user profile say "select player" and then the nickname you want to select.

  • To learn the two times table say "two times table". Alexa will then teach you the 2 times table.

  • To answer the 12 questions on the two times table sequentially say “in order two". Alexa will then start at 2 x 1 = ? and ask you the 12 questions on the 2 times table or any other you have selected.At the end Alexa will tell you how many you got right and the correct answers to any you got wrong. If all answers are correct and you are using a nickname, Alexa will record your result.

  • To answer the 12 questions on the five times table in a random order say "random five". Alexa will ask you twelve 5 times tables questions in a random order.

  • To count up in fives up to 5 times 12 say “count five”. Alexa will give you a start number, 5 in this case, and you will count up in 5s starting with that number: 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. Alexa will confirm you are correct each time.

  • To count down in fives starting at 5 times 12 say “count down five”. As before Alexa provides the start number, which is the first number you say.

  • To practice random questions on two tables (e.g. the 8 and 9 times table) say "8 comma 9".

  • To practice questions on three tables (e.g. the 2, 3, and 4 times table) say "2 comma 3 comma 4".

  • To test yourself on 5 randomly picked tables say "challenge". The challenge is 60 questions long and gives you progress updates every 20 questions.

  • To test all of your table knowledge say "mega test". This test is 144 questions long and contains all of the questions from all 12 tables.

  • For some family fun kids can stitch their parents up with the parent challenge. Saying "parent challenge" will get the skill to randomly pick either In Order, Random, Counting Up or Counting Down questions on the 13, 17 or 19 times table. These are deliberately made harder so the parents will be caught off guard.

  • You can skip questions you don't know the answer to by saying "skip" or "I don't know". Once you've finished all of the original questions you can choose to have another go at the questions you skipped or leave them.

  • You can repeat questions if you missed them or if you need more time to think. Repeat as many times as you like.

  • You can reverse the order each question is being asked in by saying "reverse".

  • You can ask Times Tables Guru a multiplication question (e.g. 4 * 6) at any time by saying "what is 4 times 6".

  • Players progress can be accessed in a couple of ways. Either select the player you want progress for and then say progress and the game mode you want progress for (e.g. "progress random") or say "progress" then choose the player and the game mode you want progress for.

  • For a list of all the player profiles in use say "current players".

  • To delete a user profile say "delete player".

  • For instructions when using the skill just say "help".

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