Many of my friends and family are extremely late to virtually everything they go to. I thought that if they could see a ticking clock go down, they would feel the pressure to be on time. However, a simple shareable timer was a little too small for an entire app. I thought to integrate timers with other applications as well, such as Google Drive or Notepad, in which timers can dictate how long a file is shared, and using the app, people could more easily manage access to restricted files and documents, via personal accounts and secure databases.

What it does

Timers allows a person to register a secure account with Firebase authentication. Once this is done, they can store their personal timers and share them with others that have personal accounts. They can be shared via username, created via Firebase. Then, the timers can be stored in the database, managed by secure commands and Firebase authentication.

How I built it

I learned how to use Firebase, a SDK that can host databases for mobile apps. Then, I coded using storyboards and swift, building the UI and database commands to make the app.

Challenges I ran into

Firebase is very difficult to initially learn, since many of the commands and documentation is for other languages. In addition, Google Drive was unable to be implemented, due to time constraints and excessive permission requests. Setting up both the database and the authentication was very, very difficult, and the UI was difficult to use for the niche cases I had.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Authentication 100% works on the app; users can log in and register. In addition, a database is on the way, with most of the commands set up and the UI is very solid.

What I learned

I learned how to use Firebase to a great extend, and gained a considerable amount of experience for Swift.

What's next for Timers

I plan to finish the database integration, as well as integrate Google Drive, Notepad, and other functionalities I can think of. It was a great learning experience, especially since I had not used Firebase before, but now I feel confident I can finish all the things I wanted for this app.

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