We wanted to create something that allowed people to use their time more effectively.

What it does

By allowing users to input data, we allow them to track and manage their time. The app gives a simple and intuitive UI for users to engage with. This allows them to view basic descriptive statistics about how much time they're giving to a given category over days, weeks, and months.

How I built it

Android visual studio and Kotlin

Challenges I ran into

Handling the volume of Kotlin coding that is involved with app development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pursuing app development in a studio that the team was unfamiliar with

What I learned

That Kotlin is an in depth and powerful tool to pursue android app development.

What's next for Timepiece

Integrating more user inputs such as fitbit sleep and exercise data, as well as google, siri, and alexa voice commands.

Built With

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