Time is money so it is good to know what the time is. But sometimes it might not be very intuitive where the time is located at. On Windows, the time is located at the bottom right corner by default; on macOS, the time is located in the top right corner. On Android, it get what I mean. This is really frustrating because you will need to memorize them all; that's studying biology.

The original project name was TimeMe but if you shift things around you realize it spells Meme and you know where we are going with that. 😗

What it does

Are you embarrassed by asking your friends what the time is because you are afraid the answer he/she will respond with is: "It is time for you to get a watch." Not only is this not a funny joke (approved by me) but it could seriously cause inconvenience if you have something to do at a specific time. Because we live in a world of media, everyone talks to their friends through phones and social media. TiMeme is a platform where you can request time (I mean the time) from your friend. But for unfortunate reasons you don't have any friends to tell you the time, TiMeme will also tell you the time by a very friendly chatbot despite your friendship status.

You might wonder why this is necessary. I will tell you that if we can sell a picture of a monkey for 3 million dollars. I will consider this innovative.

How we I built it

I built it with lots of passion and love.

Challenges we I ran into

Velo was using too much memory so it kept on crashing the tab. console.log was not logging/the function wasn't calling because I didn't import the function. MLH only gave $60 Twilio credits and it was not enough to debug unlimited times; I had ration appropriately. My english skiil is not very gud so writing the project story is touff.

Last moment edit: Velo by Wix is in its own timezone, so the DateTime object is returning UTC instead of my local timezone. There also isn't a way to get the client side timezone using Velo, so it is manually set to "America/Toronto" sorry my friends across the world.

Accomplishments that we're I am proud of

I am proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and using a No-Code Platform. I used to believe No Code Platforms are all trash but using Velo allowed me to realize how nice it is not to have a 1 GB node_module folder and how easy it is to integrate a backend. Though it can't handle complex backend logic, but it was plenty for TiMeme. I am also proud of the organizers for organizing such an amazing hackathon.

The entire project is built in: 2 hours and 06 minutes. Time spent editing the pitch video: 4+ hours.

What we I learned

Velo was built by Wix in 2017 instead of recently (I thought it was a new thing). Twilio will ban you if you redeem MLH's offer using an alt account. If you call a backend piece of code, let's say importing a node module in the frontend, it should have an error message but it actually doesn't. What happens is that all your code execution stops, such as your functions. I blame Velo for this.

I learned how to use Final Cut Pro for the first time.

What's next for TiMeme

To avoid complaints about the UX, TiMeme will have the UX developed and revamped. Our goal is to have the UX as good as Apple (by Steve Jobs). However, though, one rule in programming is that if it works, then don't touch it. Following this rule, I did not touch it once it worked.

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