When you have teammates working all around the globe, you need a single place to track and identify what is the best time to communicate with them. When you are awake, some might still asleep in another time zone. Timely was built to help teams working in different time zones and reduce the burden of tracking each others in multiple time zones.

What it does

Key features of Timely:

See Current Time: When you have different teammates working all around the world, Timely helps you to see each team member’s current time in different time zones.

Track Working Times: Easily track if your teammates are currently in their working times or not with Timely. This helps you to see what is the best time to communicate with them.

Simulate Time: See how your team’s time change with yours by simulating time.

12h & 24h Support: Support for both 12h and 24h time formats.

3 Viewing Modes: Timeline, Time zone and Groups viewing modes.

Dark vs Light: Both dark and light modes are supported.

Search Users: You can search for a specific user within the app.

Timely is 100% secure since it does not transfer data in and out from No third party service has access to your data and all data is processed within

How I built it

Timely was built using React and moment.js. All the UI components were built from scratch and UI was built to follow monday design guidelines. Also monday SDK JS, monday APIs and monday storage services were used to fetch and store data from monday.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was to create the dynamic timeline view. I created this from scratch and no third party libraries were used apart from the moment timezone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to create this app within 7 days and really happy about that time frame considering I'm the only developer and also being new to monday platform and SDK. I'm also proud to give this app totally free for anyone who needs to track times all around the world.

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