As high school students, we always find ourselves distracted when studying. Whether it is a Facebook notification on the phone or watching too many YouTube videos, we are surrounded by obstructions that greatly slow down our pace and productivity. Because of this, we realized that most people our age have time management problems, and so an application that keeps us on track would easily fit into our daily lives.

What it does

The user types in all the tasks they plan to finish in a day and how much time they plan to take. This information is used to create timetable across a 24-hour line. The user is given notifications when they should be done. After the tasks are finished, the user can see how much extra time they wasted or saved.

How we built it

We used mainly the javax.swing library GUI elements in Java. We also used a little HTML to format text.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a problem where the user wasn't given a chance to go through their 2nd task. Fixing this single bug took us nearly two hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some of our team members pulled an all-nighter! We managed to finish everything we planned on finishing.

What we learned

We gained a lot of knowledge about GUI design, and how to make it intuitive, yet attractive so that users can easily use the tool without having to spend a lot of time understanding the controls.

What's next for Timelinr

We plan on making the tool much more aesthetically pleasing, and also extending the platform to Android and iOS.

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