TimelineMe was inspired mainly by the importance of non-linear story telling as a way of presenting news in a more compelling and palatable manner. I looked at earlier work by The Knight Foundation, who have come up with a very useful plugin for non-linear story telling.

I am looking to improve on work. I am looking for a solution that allows content producers to create compelling content within a Content Management System. I opted for wordpress since it's a platform that we use in the Media House that i currently work for. In addition to that wordpress has got more than 60million websites and blogs which makes it one of the most popular platforms for content creation.

The key features of my project include: easy navigation, interactive content and sliders, mobile friendly views. The base code also has voice recognition. To add to this I have included voice search (works only for Chrome11+), but this certainly brings non-linear navigation as well as mobile browsing to new heights!

Future additional features will include re-coding the theme into a plugin, use of AI (Artificial Intelligence to present users with content they prefer to read.

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