After seeing the same bulky and uninviting table block view layout I thought re-displaying the information in a better format is smarter!

What it does

Takes any website that has a table view layout and makes into into a Time Line layout. (Also helps with bringing underlying Meta Data of Icons so that you can search for the one you want faster)

How I built it

Using HTML and CSS for styling and custom shapes Using JavaScript for Animations

Challenges I ran into

The Dev Tools on Google Chrome told me I didn't close a tag when really i forgot a &quot;)&quot; for a JavaScript function above it....</p> <h2 id="accomplishments-that-i&#39;m-proud-of">Accomplishments that I&#39;m proud of</h2> <p>I managed to build this hack with barely any Wi-Fi and I learned a lot more about JS Animations :D. </p> <h2 id="what-i-learned">What I learned</h2> <p>I learned how to create JavaScript Animations I learned the basics of Ubuntu</p> <h2 id="what&#39;s-next-for-timeline">What&#39;s next for TimeLine</h2> <p>Integrating a Custom PHP Parser and HTML injection using JavaScript to make the whole process seamless</p>

Built With

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