Presenting: Timeline for Trello!

Timeline for Trello lets users visualise Trello Card tasks on a dynamic timeline. Our intuitive user interface streamlines task tracking and management within Trello.


Our team uses the Due Date property and custom date labels of Trello cards heavily to track our sprints. However, as the cards increase on our boards, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage all of the tasks and their deadlines. There is also currently no simple solution to implement and track start/completion dates and story points within Trello Cards. We developed this solution to allow scrum masters, project managers, and team members to keep track of their tasks and have an overview of the progress of their sprints and projects.

What it does

Timeline for Trello presents all the tasks within a board on an intuitive timeline interface. Important information is displayed, including:

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Completion Date
  • Current Progress
  • Late Tasks
  • Incomplete Tasks
  • Future Tasks
  • Time Saved
  • Story Points

Key information is colour coded, and the timeline can be easily navigated through scrolling and dragging of the user interface. Cards can be directly accessed from the Timeline by clicking on the task. Timeline for Trello is extremely scalable, and can support unlimited tasks, making it suitable for anything from agile sprints, to full-scale projects, and beyond!

How to use Timeline for Trello

Enable Timeline for Trello on your board.

Add task properties by clicking Timeline for Trello button under "Power-Ups" from within a card.

View tasks on Timeline by clicking on Timeline button from within your team's board.

Click here to see how to easily navigate to specific cards from Timeline

Features in Progress

  • Search tasks in Timeline
  • Edit Start/End/Completion Dates by resizing tasks in Timeline

What's next for Timeline for Trello

We are in the process of adding the power-up to the Trello Marketplace.

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