A game by April Castaneda, Victoria Fisher, and Katie Stutts


We were inspired by the real life Timeline Card Game, which we thought would be both fun and challenging to implement as a single player game.

What it does

Timeline is a C++ console game where the player places cards on a timeline by guessing both when they occur and in what order they occur. The game includes five different categories: Historical Events, Inventions, Pop Culture, Computer Science History, and Video Games. A "sixth category" is the option to play with cards from all five decks at once.

The player has to try to place all of their cards in the correct chronological order on the table, with a randomly drawn card representing the first event. If the player guesses incorrectly, they must discard their current card and draw a new one. In order to win the game, the player must place all of their cards on the table before time runs out!

How we built it

We wrote the game with C++ on CLion, vim, and Xcode. To ensure version control, we used Github.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenges were communication and controlling versions on Github. Since our team members live on opposite coasts (East and West), it was sometimes difficult to talk to each other and to synchronize our coding schedules. We also ran into merge conflicts on Github a few times and had to double back or rewrite some of our code to ensure that no work was lost.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of making a game that is both enjoyable and educational!

What we learned

We strengthened and improved our Github skills throughout this project. Also, in learning more about our team members, we were able to utilize each others' strengths and share responsibilities based on our abilities.

About the video

Video narrated and recorded by Katie Stutts and edited by Victoria Fisher.

Timecode shortcuts:
0:00 - Explanation on how to play the game
0:34 - Feature - Different playable decks
0:38 - Feature - Different difficulty modes
0:48 - Regular gameplay starts
1:45 - Accelerated gameplay starts (no sound)
2:45 - Winning Condition

What's next for Timeline Card Game

We hope to implement more cards and categories in the future!

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