Our team (TimeJoy) is solving a time management problem for busy individuals. In our day and age, a lot of professionals are overcommitted and overscheduled. We have packed schedules and often rush from one meeting to another. Thats where Uber comes into the picture. Through our customer development process, we learned that currently a lot of professionals while sitting in one meeting, have to keep refreshing their Uber app to see when they will need to order an Uber to get to the next meeting on time. Thats distracting and inefficient to say the least.

Our core mobile app integrates with user’s calendar, and at the same time tracks user’s location in real time. It acts as an intelligent personal assistant by sending a user a notification that it’s time to order an Uber just at the precise time to do so, in order to get to the next meeting on-time. Our app integrates with Uber, and closer to the upcoming meeting time, starts tracking Uber’s fleet to calculate the estimated time it will take to wait for the next available Uber + time it will take to get to the meeting. Then, when the time comes for our user to get going, our app sends a notification to the user to launch Uber app and order a car. If the User doesn’t have an account with Uber it will prompt him to create one.

The cool thing about our app is that it is an obvious basic app that everybody is going to need to use on a daily basis, so there is an interesting potential pathway that it becomes pervasive, and people are using it to manage their day to day. Time management is at the core of everybody’s day and TimeJoy will be at the core of everybody’s meeting management.

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