Timehall is a new way to experience your social media data. It displays your information gathered from multiple social media services like evernote and facebook and displays them on a timeline in 3D.

Current features (Alpha):

  • Android
  • Full 3D
  • Timeline: View your notes on a Timeline and interact with them.
  • Geotag globe: Displays all your Notes that include a geotag and pins them to the globe. You can tap on one of them, view its information and click on the button to get a timeline of your history with this location.

Additional Release features:

  • PC
  • Person timeline: Display all your friends on a timeline in order of when you met them. For each friend there is an additional timeline that displays all the information you have about him. (Notes, Pictures, ...)
  • Gallery: A full 3D gallery of your pictures.
  • Tag visualization: A tag-wall that you can search through. If you select one you get a filtered timeline based on this tag.

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