I was inspired by the mis information being delivered by the major news associations.

My thought process was to not only give the negative statistics that everyone is showing but to also show the recovered and the asymptomatic cases to give a clearer outlook on hope.

I believe that if users uploaded case information such as their symptoms and timelines that others would understand it better and feel calmer and have less anxiety about the crisis.

I started off building with wordpress, designing a friendly interface to upload your case or cases with clear case specifics of ACTIVE, CURED and DEATH that is map based with search functions and filter options.

Im currently adding api calls from the WHO and John Hopkins as well as scraping data from numerous sources to have up to the minute world wide statistics that will include conditions with daily increase statistics.

Note: Changed domain name from timedlife.com to Co19Virus.com as I believe timedlife if thought of could give the wrong impression. The original thought was a time line on the virus, but others thought of it as death. My goal here is to give hope and a decrease of anxiety, not to add to it.

In the end I just want to help people understand this better, I am born and raised in NY state USA and we are going through a really tough time as a people.

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