As a big fan of security, I watch a lot of tech talks about it. In the majority of them, the experts tell that passwords aren't the securest method. My idea about the securest method has to have the next:

  • Something we know (the common password)
  • Something we have (like a phone)
  • Something we are (biometrics)

While I was thinking about those 3 points I thought that it could be a good idea start with the 1st and the 3rd. For that reason I decided to add a mechanism (to the typical login system) that also measures the speed of typing the password. We write our password a lot of times a day so it's something we are really use to.

What it does

Put another validation system in the page. It measures the speed of typing the password and only let enter if password and speed are validated.

How we built it

With html, php, javascript, XAMPP; mysqladmin.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learn web development with data bases and it works.

What we learned

Web development.

What's next for Timed Login System

Make a register system.

Built With

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